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Walkways & Sidewalks

walkway and sidewalks

Extend Your Patio with A Professional Walkway Installation

The Top Choice in Walkways & Sidewalks

Don’t make your guests walk through the grass to get to your patio. Get with a hardscaping contractor from Cut Above Landscaping, Inc. to handle your walkway installation. We’ll customize your walkway to your desired specifications. This includes different colors, patterns and design lengths.

We provide walkway installation service in Lexington, Burlington and Billerica, MA. To schedule your appointment, call 617-799-6798 today.

Use Your Imagination To Guide Your Installation Path

Paver walkways are highly customizable. They make great entryways to backdoors, patios or even your main entryway. Take your hardscape to the next level by:

✔️ Lining Your Walkway with Shrubs
✔️ Adding Gravel between Stones
✔️ Creating a Custom Pattern
✔️ Playing with Decorative Concrete

You’ll feel confident hosting guests or clients with a brand-new paver setup.

If you want to extend your patio with custom walkways, call now to schedule your appointment. We provide free estimates in Lexington, Burlington and Billerica, MA.

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walkway and sidewalks

Walkways and Sidewalks